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James Kennaby

James Kennaby

James is a XLR Music Programme co-ordinator at KWMC. Also known as Vice, he is an emcee / producer. In 2010 he established the XLR festival at KWMC – an annual celebration of hip hop culture and music. James is responsible for the development and...


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24 November 2014

XLR Sessions begin @ KWMC

On the 4th November the very first XLR Session took place at Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol. XLR is a six month music project offering amazing opportunities to create original, inspiring music alongside KWMC and some of Bristol’s finest music institutions. With opportunities to perform, record, develop skills and confidence and create long lasting relations with other musicians, these sessions build on the successful XLR Festival that was established in 2010. Working with 13 – 19 year olds citywide who have an existing interest or experience in music, XLR will help to develop creative ideas far beyond making music. From promotion to graphics, networking, performance skills and more, the musicians involved will have the opportunity to return after 6 months to mentor the new groups, and develop long lasting links within the local community and music scene. Spanning every genre, the project will evolve with the young people’s tastes and interests, finding masterclass leaders, and performances that are best suited to the musicians’ needs. With projects being developed for online platforms including Bandcamp and Soundcloud, in addition to social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, the artists will gain exposure through regular promotion and support from local media. The project last for 2 years, creating 4 blocks of 6 month sessions. Last night's session introduced the young musicians to the team, and each other. Using ice breakers, group activities and discussions, the group got to know each others musical interest and styles, and gain and understanding of what will be coming up over the next 6 months. Next week the group will be jamming and beginning to create music ideas. Our team for the first session was: James Kennaby (aka Vice) - Producer / MC Phoebe Langton Beck - MC / Singer Songwriter Sophie Hosken Taylor - Singer Songwriter Bim - Producer / DJ / Multiinstrumentalist
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